Check out WebGuyz OS, our newest addition to the plethora of platforms created by your friends at WebGuyz!

WebGuyz OS

WebGuyz is introducing its biggest and baddest platorm, WebGuyz OS!

WebGuyz OS is our most powerful platform yet. It is an operating system that can be run on strictly the web. WebGuyz OS assembles all our platforms and allows it to be accessed within the app. No need to navigate elsewhere or get redirected!

Within our operating system, you will gain access to a number of useful WebGuyz developed platforms you may already have used. For an example, our photo editing software, Imagizer, can be found as an application in the OS. Our WebGuyz Social Network app can be found as well. This platform opens the door to students who want to collaborate with others and sharpen there skills beyond the classroom.

Along with platforms developed by us we included some useful everyday tools such as a notes application as well as a calculator app. 

What Do you think of the OS Platform